Septic Pump Out

State law requires septic tanks located in the Chesapeake Bay Preservation Areas (CBPA’s) be pumped out at least once every five years

  • The Department of Public Works sends reminder letters every five years to residents
  • Pumping your septic system is not mandatory if you are outside of a CBPA, however pumping and inspecting your septic system may extend its life
  • To avoid pumping:
    • A sewage handler can inspect the system and certify it does not need to be pumped
    • Install a Virginia Department of Health (VDH) approved plastic filter. You can contact the Virginia Department of Health for more information.  Plastic filters require on-going maintenance.
  • For questions about septic pump-out or if you think you may not be in a CBPA contact the Department of Public Works  at (804) 365-6181 or email

To comply with the requirements, provide the county with:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Date of septic tank pump-out or inspection
  • Confirmation that drainfield is not located in the CBPA or that your system has a VDH approved plastic filter

Send information to or contact the Department of Public Works at (804) 365-6181