Connecting to Public Water & Sewer

Before connecting your property to Hanover County’s public water and/or sewer, you need to find out:

  • If water and/or sewer can be installed on your property
  • How to establish service
  • What you are responsible for installing
  • What you need to pay
  • What permits you will need

Can water and/or sewer be installed on my property?

Call (804) 365-6019 and ask to speak with a utility agent. The agent will look up your address and tell you if water and/or sewer lines are close to your property.

How do I establish service?

Each individual situation is unique. You may be responsible for extending main lines and installing service laterals to your property. You will need to pay the applicable capacity fees and install service lines from the service laterals your home. In addition to Public Utilities’ requirements and permits, a plumbing permit through the Building Inspector’s office will be required. Immediately after you pay capacity fees, we will establish an account and begin billing you base charges. Normally customers wait until just before needing water for testing their plumbing to pay capacity fees. Once you have completed construction and passed all applicable inspections, Public Utilities will install a water meter and begin billing usage charges in addition to base charges. Call (804) 365-6019 and ask to speak with a utility agent to determine if service is available and what connecting your property to public sewer and water will involve.

What will I need to pay?

Capacity fee

The capacity fee reserves capacity in the public system.

Fees related to construction

Fees will vary based on the construction company and/or contractor with whom you choose to work.

Permit fees

There are fees associated with submitting plumbing permits and VDOT land use permits (see below).

What permits will I need?

Utility Construction Permit

A utility construction permit may be required depending on the improvements that need to be constructed. Ask the utility agent if one is required.

Plumbing Permit

A plumbing permit is required for water and sewer construction on your property.

VDOT Land Use permit LUP-A

A VDOT land use permit LUP-A is required if construction will occur in a public right-of-way. Obtaining this permit is a multi-step process. First the VDOT land use permit application is completed along with a plan of the proposed improvements. These documents are then sent to Public Utilities for review and signature. When the permit application is complete, Public Utilities will sign the application and return the documents to you. You then submit the documents to VDOT for approval. After obtaining VDOT approval, you pick-up the approved package and submit the approved package along with a completed utility construction permit application to Public Utilities. There are typically fees and bonds associated with obtaining a VDOT land use permit.