Personal Property Tax

    Personal property tax is a tax on items such as vehicles and trailers. Personal property taxes are billed once a year with a February 5 due date.

    Real Estate Tax

    Real estate tax is a tax on land and any buildings or other improvements attached to the land. Real estate taxes are billed twice a year, due on June 5 and October 5.

    • Disabled veteran tax relief - Disabled veterans may qualify for a discount on real estate taxes.
    • Real estate tax relief - Landowners who meet age or disability guidelines can receive a discount on their real estate taxes.
    • Land use - Hanover offers a tax deferral program for land being used in specific categories.
    • Assessments - Find your assessment and property information online.
    • Assessment review period - If you do not agree with your real estate assessment, you have an opportunity to request a review.
    • Tax rates - List of the different tax rates set by Hanover County
    • Payment and billing information - Need to pay your bill? Here are the options.

    Business Property Tax

    Business property tax is a tax on the property, other than the land and buildings, used in conducting a business. Annual filings are required.


    Delinquent Taxes

    All taxes are considered delinquent on the day following the due date.

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