Adopt A Senior


A TRIAD-sponsored program and joint venture involving the Hanover County Sheriff’s Office, Ashland Police Department, AARP and Hanover County government departments, human service agencies and civic groups, as well as older adults.  It is one element of a supportive array of services within the community that assist older citizens to enjoy life more independently by providing additional support for the following: 

  • Older adults with special needs
  • Individuals or couples aged 60 and over who live alone and have limited mobility or medical problems which renders them home bound
  • Those with limited family or social support

Through regular contact or visitation from observant and compassionate law enforcement personnel, isolated older adults will gain additional reassurance, social support, crime prevention assistance, monitoring and service referrals.  The program strengthens communication and cooperation among the law enforcement community,seniors and state and local agencies in order to maximize the use of available resources. 


  • Referrals area accepted from third parties such as human service agencies, extended family members, neighbors and friends or the individual in need of the service
  • Requests must be in writing in letter form or by submitting a completed Adopt-A-Senior Application form
  • Letters must include name, address and phone number of the senior, along with a brief summary of the situation to justify inclusion into the program and the referring party’s contact information

Submit Application

  • Hanover County Sheriff’s Office
    Attn: TRIAD Representative
    PO Box 40
    Hanover, VA  23069


  • Upon receipt of a request or referral, the Sheriff’s Office TRIAD representative will make contact with the senior as soon as possible
  • An appointment for a home visit will be arranged
  • The home visit will include the Sheriff’s Office TRIAD representative and a case manager from either the Area Agency on Aging or the Social Services (and any others that the senior may wish to be present)
  • If the senior is not interested in the program, then the referring party will be notified.

In the Program

If deemed appropriate for inclusion in the Adopt-a-Senior Program:

  • A Sheriff’s Office deputy will be assigned to the senior and provided with the necessary background information
  • An introduction will be conducted between the senior and their assigned deputy
  • The assigned deputy will make arrangements with the senior for future weekly contact
  • The contact would preferably be in person, but may also consist of a phone call

Forms and Documents

Adopt a Senior Application