Commercial Construction Application Requirements

  1. A completed building permit application  
  • Contractors must furnish a copy of their valid Virginia contractor's license. Applicants not required by law to be licensed as contractors must submit a written statement, supported by an affidavit that he/she is not subject to licensure as a contractor, subcontractor or owner-developer.
  1. A completed asbestos certification form is required for renovation, demolition and reroofing work performed on structures built prior to January 1, 1985
  2. If the building will use a private sewage disposal system and/or a private water source, a completed Commonwealth of VA application for sewage disposal and/or water supply permit shall be submitted with the building permit application. If the sewage disposal and/or water supply permit has already been filed with the Health Department simply fill in the health permit number on the building permit application.
  3. Two sets of the plans
  4. One copy of the specifications
  5. One copy of the calculations
  6. Two copies of the soil report
  7. A statement of special inspections prepared by the registered design professional of record for the project, must be submitted with all building permit applications for commercial building designs that require the practice of professional engineering or architecture. This is a mandatory requirement of the Virginia Uniform Statewide Building This statement shall include a complete list of materials and work requiring special inspection in accordance with the VUSBC, the inspections to be performed and a list of the individuals, approved agencies and firms intended to be retained by the owner to conduct such inspections. (4 copies).
  8. An approved site plan or proof that the site plan, variance or conditional use permit is approved
  9. A completed Department of Public Utilities fixture count form including other Department of Public Utilities building permit requirements
  10. If applications are incomplete, they will not be accepted (construction type, use group, square footage, GPIN numbers, district, traffic zone, etc.).