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This week: 

What's the latest on the future new Atlee Library?

Plans for the future new Atlee Library have been updated.  The library was originally scheduled to be constructed near the Kroger in the Rutland Shopping Center.  As a result of a rezoning request from the developer last year, the new library will be located east of Rutlandshire Drive, in an area more visible to Route 301 while still being in the Rutland community.

The new Atlee Library will be surrounded primarily by retail and office space and the site is currently being cleared.  According to David Maloney, the County’s Director of Planning, this site provides an opportunity to create “more of an activity center, with planned retail and greater visibility and access from (Route) 301.” 

Retail uses will front on U.S. Rt. 301 and office and library uses will be located to the rear of the property next to the residential uses. A traffic signal will be installed at the intersection of Rutlandshire Drive and U.S. Route 301.

The new Atlee Library expected to be about 20,000 square feet, which is roughly double the size of the existing storefront library in the Atlee Square Shopping Center. Funding for design is included in the proposed Fiscal Year 2018 County budget through a $900,000 grant from the Pamunkey Regional Library, which is the regional library system to which all of Hanover’s libraries belong.

Construction on the new Atlee Library is scheduled to begin in 2019. The County will have to obtain a conditional use permit before construction can begin.

Why are Hanover County personal property tax, real estate tax and Public Utilities bills now showing a return address in Maryland?

Hanover began outsourcing the processing of County bills 20 years ago to save taxpayers money. To align with our current banking service contract, bills are now mailed directly to the processing center. This reduces the processing time to 3-5 business days. The current contract saves about $32,000 annually in various fees. 

Taxpayers can always pay their bills in person at the Treasurer's Office at Hanover Courthouse and can pay personal property and real estate bills online at https://www.hanovercounty.org

When will the construction on Atlee Road be completed?

Additional turn lanes are being built at the intersection of Atlee Road and U.S. Rt. 301. This project also includes modifying the entrance to the Patriots Corner Shopping Center and drainage improvements along Atlee Road. The construction will be completed in mid-September. 

An even larger project will begin in the Atlee area early next year.

A new road will be constructed to connect Atlee Road in Rutland to Atlee Station Road near Warren Avenue. This project will involve the construction of a bridge over the CSX rail line at Cool Spring Road and will also create new intersections at Cool Spring Road and Atlee Station Road.

Construction of the Atlee Road construction is expected to take 18 months from beginning to end. 

A unique Hanover business - Mavalerio

Mavalério, located in Northlake Business Park, makes sugary products like chocolates, sprinkles and other sweet toppings. A list can be seen at http://www.mavalerio.com.br/en/produtos.asp

Mavalério is a Brazilian manufacturer which invested $5 million in its Hanover operation, its first production facility in the United States. The company’s U.S. headquarters is also based in the Hanover facility.

Founded in 1969, Mavalerio is the biggest manufacturer of decorative confectionery in Latin America. 

Mavalério’s home page is at http://www.mavalerio.com.br/en/default.asp

More information about Mavalério can be read on the Hanover County Economic Development website at http://www.hanovervirginia.com/news-events/brazilian-confectioner-to-bring-55-jobs-to-hanover1

What's being built behind The Shoppes at Winding Brook II shopping center off Lakeridge Parkway?

A Fairfield Inn & Suites is being built along the southwest line of Lakeridge Parkway, about 870 feet southeast or the intersection of Lakeridge Parkway and Lewistown Road. It's a four-story structure that will contain 103 guest rooms with an indoor pool and fitness facility, as well as meeting space to accommodate groups. "This is Marriott's new Gen 4 prototype Fairfield which creates a modern upscale look," said Austin Haynes of Holladay Properties.

"The hotel is a joint venture between Holladay Properties and Guest Services and continues our commitment to developing Winding Brook as a Destination Commerce Center," Haynes added.

It's expected to open by the end of August.

What's being built on the site of the old Pizza Hut on Rt. 360, next to the Arby's?

A "Cookout" restaurant. This is a privately-owned fast-foot restaurant known for its drive-through barbeque, burgers and milk shakes. It's the fourth "Cookout" in the Richmond area but the first in Hanover. 

The "Cookout" is scheduled to open by the end of May.


What's being built across Lakeridge Parkway from Bass Pro Shops?

An indoor rifle and pistol range is being built along the west line of Lakeridge Parkway. The 22,800 square foot structure will include 24 firing ranges, two classrooms, a retail area and offices.

The firing range structure under construction will occupy about 3 acres of the 4.86-acre lot. The residual 1.86 acres is designated for future development. The property is zoned Destination Commerce.

It's expected to open this summer.


Are there any updates on improved high-speed internet coverage in more rural areas of the County?

Last Mile, a wireless Internet service provider, has indicated it will soon be offering their services to residents living within close proximity to Poor Farm Park. Last Mile has also indicated interest in future expansion throughout the county. Their website address is http://lastmilebroadband.net/

To invite wireless internet providers into the county, Hanover County created an incentive-based rate structure for use of its communications towers and last year entered into a lease agreement with Last Mile to use the towers at Poor Farm Park. Last Mile has also leased space on a tower in Goochland County that will enable the Rockville area to be served in the months to come. The County also has been in conversations with two other providers who have expressed an interest in leasing space on its communications towers and serving county residents

Hanover County does not provide internet services but encourages all providers to offer these services to residents and businesses throughout the county.


What's the construction on Rt. 360 at Bell Creek South?

The intersection of Bell Creek Road South and U.S. Rt. 360 is being re-located approximately 650 feet to the east to reduce congestion from the interchange. When completed by the Virginia Department of Transportation, the realigned section of Bell Creek Road will align with Bell Creek Road to the north.

As part of this project, U.S. Rt. 360 will be widened from three lanes in each direction between the interchange and the new intersection to four lanes in each direction.

This $22 million project began construction last year and the contract calls for it to be completed in May 2017.

Who is responsible for building and maintaining roads in Hanover?

All Hanover County public roads and bridges (outside of the Town of Ashland) are operated and maintained by the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT). VDOT also maintains roadside ditches, performs snow removal functions and builds new roads with money allocated by the Commonwealth Transportation Board. VDOT’s website is at http://www.virginiadot.org/default.asp  

On VDOT’s Work Request page at https://my.vdot.virginia.gov/, you can submit a request to have a road repaired, to remove something from a road, to have signs or traffic devices repaired, to request new signs or traffic devices, to submit a claim or to ask for more information. This page can also be used to submit snow plowing-related complaints.

You can call VDOT's Customer Service Center at 1-800-367-7623 around the clock. TTY users can call 711. 

If you have a unique road or drainage problem or other questions and need help determining the appropriate agency contact, you can call the Hanover County Department of Public Works at 365-6181 and they will help you. 

What are the plans for the Hanover County Airport and what impact will any changes have on residents?

The Hanover County Airport's Master Plan was approved by the Board of Supervisors and the Federal Aviation Administration in 2002. Improvements on the plan are  scheduled to occur over a long period of time in phases and eventually  include the construction of new airplane hangars, a new tie-down apron, parking, office space, a new terminal building and a parallel taxiway on the east side.

These improvements are designed to increase safety for flyers and area residents and support business investments over the longer term. None of the improvements will change the use of the airport or the type of aircraft to be served.

Hanover County’s Airport has been designated as a “Reliever Airport” for the Richmond International Airport for more than 20 years. By serving general aviation airplanes, Reliever Airports reduce congestion at airports which serve larger commercial aircraft, such as Richmond International Airport.

A rezoning request approved by the Board of Supervisors in August 2015 will also enable a security fence to be extended along part of the eastern perimeter of the County Airport. The fence will match the existing security fence.

No additional expansion plans are being studied that are not already listed and approved in the 2002 Airport Master Plan.

What is being built at the intersection of Kings Acres Road and Atlee Station Road across from the CVS pharmacy and EVB?

An apartment complex named Charleston Ridge is being developed on a 21.4-acre parcel at the southwest quadrant of the intersection of Atlee Station Road and Kings Acres Road. The project will contain a total of 172 market-rate rental apartments.  This request was approved by the Board of Supervisors in May 2013.

The developers are required to build a right turn lane at the Atlee Station Road entrance and a right turn lane from westbound Kings Acres Road to southbound Atlee Station Road.

Pavement will be extended to create two through-travel lanes along southbound Atlee Station Road through the intersection in the southbound direction. The construction of dual southbound receiving lanes along the front of the property also will be required.

Pedestrian signals and crosswalks will be installed on both sides of Atlee Station Road, Kings Acres Road and Charter Gate Drive.

This property had been designated as appropriate for multi-family use in the Comprehensive Land Use Plan.

Has Hanover discouraged or prevented Verizon from offering Fios services in Hanover County?

No. The County does not have the authority to approve or deny Fios or any other high-speed internet service offered by any company. Verizon and other companies offer a service, or choose not to, based on their own business plans.

The County encourages all businesses offering high-speed internet services to provide services to all residents regardless of proximity to current service areas. To date we have made our communications towers available to internet service providers and have negotiated over 20 agreements. We meet with providers to educate about our need and to encourage expansion, we have supported grant applications for studies and expansion, and we adopted a new rate structure on our towers as incentive for internet service expansion.


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