Officer of the Court Remote Access

What is OCRA?

The Virginia General Assembly authorized system enabling secure remote access by subscribers to digital civil and criminal case files stored in the Supreme Court of Virginia’s Case Imaging System (CIS) 

What is CIS?

The system that allows for digital civil and criminal case files in place of paper files.  Hanover County Circuit Court Clerk’s Office has used CIS since 2010 

Who can use OCRA?

  • Members in good standing of the Virginia State Bar and their authorized agents
  • Pro hoc vice attorneys authorized by the court for purposes of the practice of law
  • Governmental agencies authorized by the Clerk of Circuit Court

How do I subscribe to OCRA?

  • Each attorney, staff member, or governmental employee must complete the OCRA Application and Subscriber Agreement
  • Send the application, subscriber agreement and annual subscription fee to Hanover Circuit Court Clerk’s Office, Attention: OCRA Subscription, Post Office Box 39, Hanover, Virginia 23069

How much is the subscription fee?

  • $150 for attorneys and $50 for each staff member supervised by the attorney.  Make checks payable to Hanover County Circuit Court Clerk
  • Employees of government agencies may be exempt from paying fees

What happens after I submit the application, subscriber agreement and fee?

What records are available via OCRA?

  • Non-confidential criminal and civil cases filed after January 1, 2010, with the exception of sealed, confidential and restricted documents
  • Non-confidential materials filed after April 2010 in civil and criminal cases initiated prior to January 1, 2010