Pamunkey Regional Library Board


Composed of 10 citizens from across the region, the Pamunkey Regional Library Board of Trustees is a governing board. Trustees represent the interests of citizens from all four counties by:
  • Hiring a library director
  • Determine policies
  • Plan for services
  • Obtain funding and approve expenditures for library services
  • Work actively for the improvement of library services


Established by Goochland, Hanover, King and Queen and King William counties, the Pamunkey Regional Library operates a regional free library system pursuant to the provisions of Title 42.1-37 et seq. of the 1950 Code of Virginia, as amended, under the administration and control of a regional library Board of Trustees.




The Board of Trustees is composed of 10 members: four from Hanover and two each from Goochland, King and Queen, and King William counties. Board of Supervisors from each county appoint their county’s representatives.

Terms of Service:

Four-year terms

Contact Person(s):

Tom Shepley, Pamunkey Regional Library Director, (804) 365-6212

Meeting Schedule:

Board determines annually, typically the last Wednesday of the month at 8:30 a.m.
Schedule is available at the library.

Meeting Location:

Rotation of meetings at various regional libraries, annual schedule specifies location for each month

Further Information:

Department main phone lines (804) 365-6211