Bell Creek Community Development Authority

Purpose:To act as fiduciary agent over the Community Development Authority (CDA) and the bonds issued to support the CDA assets acquired or built.


Review incremental and special tax funding sources needed to pay debt service on the CDA bonds from the specific district of 325 acres created in 2002 located near Bell Creek Road and Pole Green Road. In addition, when initial revenue sources are less than debt service obligations, special assessments are approved by the CDA in accordance with all the terms and conditions of the bonds.




Five member Board appointed by the Board of Supervisors

Terms of Service:

Four-year staggered terms

Contact Person(s):

John Budesky, Deputy County Administrator,, (804) 365-6005

Meeting Schedule:

Meets as needed, but at least once annually prior to March 15

Meeting Location:

At locations deemed convenient to CDA Board members

Further Information: