Lost, Found, & Stray Pets

If your pet is lost or missing:

  • Search online to see if we have found your pet.  Search on stray and found pets.
  • Call the Animal Control Office to file a missing pet report

If a pet is picked up by Animal Control and has identification (license, rabies, and/or microchip number) on it, the pet owner is called as soon as possible to let them know their pet has been located.

If you find a pet:

  • Call Animal Control to file a found animal report
  • Animal Control should pick up the animal. Do not keep the animal yourself.

Reclaim a Pet

The owner must:

  • Show proof of ownership:
  • Rabies certificate
  • County license
  • Vet Records
  • Photo of Pet
  • Owner’s ID
  • Be at least 18 years of age

Reclaim Fees:

  • $25.00 impound fee
  • $5.00 each additional day of impoundment
  • $10.00 additional for each reoccurrence within 12 month period

Forms and Documents